Stretch Therapy


Living in Los Angeles, I’ve noticed that most people are exercising but very few are taking the time to stretch.  I was one of the many who crammed in a workout without stretching, until I pulled my glute muscle and couldn’t exercise for a few months. My physical therapist prescribed Stretch Therapy to keep my glute feeling better.  I was willing to do pretty much anything to be well enough to exercise again and play with my children.

My results from Stretch Therapy:

My glute is healed and I’m exercising with no pain!

I’m more flexible (in my body and my mind) and physically stronger than before.

I’ve learned how to open my chakras and use Kundalini breathing to connect spiritually while stretching.

I’ve learned how to release emotional pain that was stuck in my body.

Because stretching has drastically improved my body, mind, and spirit, I’ve become a Stretch Therapist.  Relax, let go, and let me stretch you!

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*And I’m currently training for certification with Bob Cooley in Resistance Flexibility. Check it out at

God in Nine Inch Nails


Have you ever lost your mind? I lost mine last month at the Nine Inch Nails concert and found God again deep inside me. I believe there’s a piece of God in every body and the show was an unexpected spiritual experience exposing a painful truth. If you’re into music like I am, it can send chill bumps up your spine and down your legs. It can take your breath away and move you to tears. A spiritual experience isn’t easy to intellectually explain because it’s an experience, not a thought. And I’d rather experience God than think about God any day.

I’ve been a fan since “Pretty Hate Machine”, but hadn’t heard the new album, “Hesitation Marks”. The hypnotic rhythm of “Copy of A” slowly seduced me into an altered state. Trent Reznor’s haunting whisper woke up a part of me that I usually put quickly back to sleep. It seemed like the energy in the music recognized a similar energy in me and drew me into it like a magnet until I felt like I was swimming inside the sounds. I believe God is, among many things, the Creative Intelligence, and it’s through mind numbing music that I feel God vibrating in my core.

I also believe that God is Truth. Trent screamed his with “Terrible Lie”, and it echoed mine. If you’ve ever been deceived by someone to the point of losing your sanity, turn up “Terrible Lie” until it blows your head off, so you don’t have to. The blinding blasts of light from the stage and the blaring truth from Trent’s voice shattered my barrier of denial to expose my now, undeniable truth. Then it hit me that the most painful lies are the ones I tell myself. God had been whispering this truth to me for years, but every time I heard it, I quickly turned away. Well, the whisper turned into a scream at the Staples Center November 8, 2013 and I haven’t looked away this time. The truth is in the tears and I let it out when they closed the show with “Hurt”. I can never get through that song without crying.

I felt so electrified by the power surge from the show that I could’ve run home to the beach from downtown LA . Instead I drove intoxicated, under the influence of Nine Inch Nails, knowing that the experience wasn’t over, it was now a part of me. The truth was loud and instead of looking away, I turned it up. I’m staying awake to my intuition and tuned in to God. This truth set me free to explore a new world and I’m excited.