What is a Bellyful of Bliss?



Literally speaking, the definition of “bellyful” is: more than one needs; more than enough. The definition of “bliss” is: utter contentment, serene joy, euphoria. As an emotional eater, I stuffed food in my belly to fill what felt like an emptiness but never felt fulfilled. Instead of feeling full of comfort, which is what I really craved, I felt heavy, stuffed, and angry for overeating again. I also craved a sense of purpose, power, and direction and when I couldn’t feel these things I ate. I began to discover that if I didn’t stuff my belly with food I could actually feel something good inside me and I could hear an intuitive voice that I’d been muting with every compulsive bite. I began to feel seconds of bliss.

Everyone is born with a bellyful of bliss.  It is your natural birthright to have God energy inside. You can see the essence of purity, peace, and love in babies. I love doing the Santa Monica stairs for a fun workout. One day as I was on my way up with my 9 month old in her baby bjorn, a man on his way down said, “Oh to be a baby again, not a care in the world!” I looked at my daughter and she was “blissed out”, smiling, relaxed, and radiating light. I was awestruck when it occurred to me that I was feeling what he saw in Layla. I didn’t have a care in the world either! At that moment I was more conscious of the blissful spirit inside me than the thoughts in my head. It is in that natural state that you feel so full of God energy that there’s no room for extra food. You feel so full that you don’t even think about eating until your stomach sends you the signal that it needs food. The only reason you don’t feel your bellyful of bliss is because it’s buried with fear and negative beliefs. I’ve uncovered my bliss and so can you.

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