Freedom is Hiding Inside Each Desire to Compulsively Eat


The other day I paused as I opened the box of chocolate chip Cliff Bars and asked myself if my stomach was even hungry. The answer was no, I was at a 6 or 7 on the hunger/full scale. When I asked why I wanted a 2nd Cliff Bar, sadness crept up to my chest from my gut. I didn’t want to feel it but knew it was the first step to freedom from the desire to eat and the freedom to identify what I was really craving. That feeling of longing is one I avoided for years. One reason was that I couldn’t pause long enough to identify the feeling, I just stuffed food in my mouth at the first hint of discomfort. Second, if I felt emotional pain, I didn’t believe I had the power to stop the pain and satisfy my true hunger.

I closed the kitchen cabinet and allowed the sadness to speak. I listened. What I heard was a longing for freedom. I absolutely adore my kids but I was craving a few hours to myself. I need peace and quiet, fun, social activity with friends (sans kids), I need to go to concerts and go crazy. My desire to overeat dissolved when I listened to what my spirit was saying. With my channel now clear, power flowed through and I knew the obvious, simple solution. I can get a babysitter for a few hours so I can have some free time to myself… without guilt.

You’ve been depriving yourself with every binge. Every desire to eat outside of stomach hunger is an opportunity to hear what you are truly craving in your life. Satisfying your aching soul with true nourishment dissolves the desire to overeat. What is your spirit trying to tell you? Get quiet and listen……

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