Eating and Sex


What is the driving force behind the need to eat outside of stomach hunger? Well, there are many, but one need is often overlooked: the primal sense of taste that longs to be satisfied. Your mouth was made to experience more than just eating food.

Have you noticed that you often crave salty/sweet, salty/sweet? Let me remind you that your partners skin becomes salty, especially when it gets hot and sweaty. And other parts of his/her body are naturally sweet…….

Compulsive eaters have a raging appetite to devour food, but have you deprived yourself of the primal need to devour your partner in a loving way? Intense,deep kissing sessions satisfies an oral fixation in a way that no chips or chocolate ever can. Without passion and mutual respect, however, sex is just another empty, unfulfilling distraction that can leave you feeling unsatisfied and drained, just like bingeing on food.

Without food and sex, human beings would cease to exist. Are you honoring your innate need for sex, just as you honor your stomach’s need for food to survive and thrive? Have you noticed that your appetite for food decreases when you start dating and tasting your partner? Allow yourself to devour and be devoured. Satisfy your tastebuds with his/her body. Satiate your hunger with food AND sex for a healthy, balanced mind, body and spirit.

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