Does the Scale Lie?


Aahhhh the number on the scale. For many of us, the scale has the power to determine our mood for the day, what we wear, if we allow ourselves to be seen, and if we love or hate ourselves. The scale can be used as an effective tool or as a punishing weapon.

I’ve found that the hungry/full scale is not only a more powerful scale, but also a more effective tool in weight management. The weight scale is a reality check; accurately reflecting the truth about how consistently I am eating at a “2” and stopping at a “6” or “7” on the hungry/full scale.

When you pay more attention to the feeling of hunger and satisfaction in your stomach, the less attention you’ll need to pay on the weight scale. Instead of being a slave to the number on the scale, you can simply flow with the innate, God given sensations in your belly. You will naturally lose, or maintain a healthy weight when staying aware of your inner body instead of being obsessed with your outer body as a result of the number on the scale. The intuitive voice in your belly becomes louder than the voices in your head.

Eckhart Tolle talks about body awareness as a way to anchor you in the present moment, which is a doorway out of the prison of your ego. What Tolle calls the “intensely alive energy field” is your Bellyful of Bliss. When you eat at a “2” and stop at a “6”, you won’t bury your bliss.

So it turns out that the scale doesn’t lie, but your hungry/full scale in your belly is your Truth.

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